Wedding Decoration

A wedding is memorable when it is beautified to taste and liking of people involved in it. Decoration needs can be divided into categories to bring the best and please one and all.

Venue Décor— Beautification of the venue can be made subtle yet attractive to ensure that the couple entering a happy wedlock looks perfect while the guests get the feel of being graciously invited.

Stage Décor— The stage that offers a visual backdrop for many events and entertainment programs needs to be prepared for the occasion going with the theme of the wedding.

Main Gate Décor— While guests make an entry through the gate of the venue for the wedding, they should get the feel of magnanimity and the happiness you want to spread outright. So we have many new and unique main gate décor designs to suit your taste and budgets.

Mandap— All eyes are on the mandap on the wedding day. Mandap is also sacrosanct and has to be treated as the center of universe for the wedding ritual. It is decorated with flowers, warmth and good feelings. So we have many new and unique mandap décor designs to suit your taste and budgets.

Vedi Décor— As an extension of a mandap, it is to be treated as the point where the couple takes vows of togetherness. Decorating it is an immensely delicate task that shouldn’t overpower the visuals of the rituals. So we take every care in decorating it.

Marriage House Lighting & Décor— Lighting and decorations for marriage houses distinguish the whole scene at night. Give a starry night feel or a sense of several universes coming as one with a unique blend of decorations for the wedding.