Other Event Related Services

A host of logical and creative services to help you manage the wedding-related events with professional excellence.

Wedding Invitation— Design and curate an innovative wedding invite and add creative elements like poetry, emotional messages and storytelling.

Trousseau packing— The wedding trousseau is to be the finest to bring tears of joy for a new beginning.

Full Baraat Coordination— Identifying and managing different aspects involved to make baraat preparations spot on. We even have Russian dancers to dance in your baraatalongwith you and your guests. Transportation— Transport logistics for the bride/groom is of prime importance as it needs to be organized with a defined and thoughtful itinerary.

Videography & Photography— Professional photo shoots for those memorable captures on the move and stills to recollect fond memories of a wedding.

Bar Set-up— Setting up an elaborate bar that make the joyous celebratory toasts even more enriching filled with laughter and happiness. We have molecular bar set up, LED bar set up and other concepts to suit your occasion and budgets. Photo Booth Props— We Create possibilities for photo for everyone making their attendance in a wedding with innovative captures. Fog Screen— We Create a mesmerizing dream-like situation with foggy effects for events and special appearances of bride and groom, families and celebrities.

Helicopter Hire— Special helicopter services can be arranged for special dignitaries and guests at your event. Also, now a days Groom arrive at venue on helicopter and Doli is taken back on helicopter. We have proper contacts to arrange for the helicopter for these purposes.

Security- In a large event, secure your possession and safety of all present with professional guards. We also have armed and unarmed bouncers to give security toartists and international artists performing in your event.

LED Wall— Create a life-like scenario with LED walls at the wedding venue for a distinguished energetic fervor. We have LED walls of many sizes and various Qualities to suit your budgets and needs.

Light & Sound— The venue is as good as its lighting decorations and pure sound clarity for events and other announcements needs.

Honeymoon Packages— Help yourself by choosing great packages to make travel and journeys truly an extension of wedding.

Customized Sight Seeing Tours— Have you planned for time-out for guests arriving from different locations to the wedding venue city? Organizing sight seeing tours for them is a great way to get them enjoy the wedding time to the fullest.