Frequently Asked Questions

Even you would be aware and know that any event, big or small, demands a lot in terms of meticulous planning. To be perfect on the day, you have to delve into a lot of aspects, which we can take care of to help you sail through the event. This is what we propose to you—

1. Identify the best way to divide the budget to get the best of services
2. Approach the setting of the event with latest trends in mind, involving traditional as well as international demands
3. Possess experience in the field of celebrity management, etc., which help us manage your vendors optimally
4. We focus on elements of design that would best suit your needs and expectations
5. Offer a young and dynamic team that keeps everything on fingertips, as we create sub-teams for individuals needs
6. Create a checklist of action plan for each day so that there’s no room for error in skipping any step. While we keep stress away, you get the opportunity to enjoy wedding to the fullest
7. Enquire about the choices the couple has for their dream day…their opinion matters and we take their inputs to present the wedding in a manner that reflect their personality
8. Help manage your itineraries—especially that of the couple—to ensure timely actions; from venue selection to invitation cards to help you achieve the possible best wedding event within the budget.

Yes — because it is your event. Moreover, it is a shared responsibility where you and we team up to achieve the best. While we offer our consultation and guidance to plan the entire wedding venue preparation and other areas of coordination, we need your inputs all the time. Be it invitations/stationery, venue decoration, décor decisions, styling, shopping and travel arrangements…we do it all while taking your thoughts along. However, we will ensure that you don’t have to go through the pain of dealing with vendors or may involve as less as wherever needed to help you enjoy the wedding.

To achieve best service for you, we don’t divert our focus. One event/wedding per day approach suits our quality commitment.

If you live outside India and want to manage wedding in India, that can be managed by us. Or if you live outside India and want to organize wedding in some other part of the world…that is also possible with us. We are in a business where events take place in different cities outside India too. We have a network of cities outside India where we offer service just like we do in India. In fact, the possibilities are not restricted which you would desire for in India. Whether the wedding is to take place in India or in a different part of the world, we would make sure to address your demands. Infact, if you want that traditional style wedding is required Outside India, that is also possible with us. If you live outside India, we remain in continuous touch with you through whatsapp,video conferencing,emails etc. Also you can appoint some of your relative or friend in India who can visit us or contact us on regular basis.

Wedding is a cumbersome affair and demands absolute money management. Wewants to spread the joy of wedding in a manner whereby every family enjoys it without worrying about their spending power. We, therefore, customize our services in a manner that suits the needs of all. We not only help you get the best deals through our regular vendors, but also help you pick and choose to make your own basket of service that you want us to curate for you.

Yes, as iterated earlier, we do. As the name of our company suggest, we are specialists for wedding. With a large network of service providers that we have, we accomplish wedding events as a team, fulfilling every customer’s destination wedding needs.