Artist & Celebrity Management

Managing artists and celebrities is a cumbersome affair—from their appointment, travel and hospitality, airport transfers, hotel check ins, venue transfers , security, payments till end-to-end coordination. We have to take care of each and every detail in case of every single artists and celebrity.

Live Band

In a live band show, audience look for versatility and neat professional musical experience. We present an ensemble of talented youth—vocalists as well as musicians—who create an unmatched experience for the wedding parties and other related occasions. You get to choose the genres of music that the band will present.

You could look forward to a flair of musicians on flute and tabla doing a jugalbandi or choose to go the rock music way. In every aspect of the live band, you will have a distinct wedding event. The experience of performers with over thousand wedding live performances would mean that they know how to play to the pulse of the audience. We choose groups that would make the party fun, making people groove and hit the dance floor. On the other hand, you can choose live band performance for subtle music in the background at the reception ceremony, making people enjoy interactions as well as music. A ‘live band’ set-up could be dealt in myriad combinations. If you have the ear, we will get you the best in live music for every wedding occasion.

Indian Dance Troupes

The vibrancy of Indian dance performances is unmatched. Having a troupe of Indian dancers bring a lot of energy and subtlety to a wedding event and make guests remain glued to their seats. The tradition and attire will only add to the color and mysticism to the moment. Indian dance is always about celebrating different seasons of life. We will help you get the best of dance troupes—from classical to folk to contemporary to Bollywood to salsa—to make the event truly distinct and lively.

There can be deliberations on the particular tracks that you want the performance to be on or else the tracks are selected keeping in mind the theme of the wedding. When a dance troupe performs, there is also an element of traditional instruments being played, especially in case of classical and folk performances. The elegance of dancers will enthrall your guests, as they create a picture with the storytelling performance. There are myriad nuances in the performances that will make the moment timeless as they capture the emotions of wedding in a perfect manner. The narrative of the dance troupe would entice people to immerse themselves into the performance.

Russian Dance Troupes

Not every day people get to experience performances by Russian dance troupes, and therefore this is one of the most demanded entertainment choices in a wedding entertainment category. The performances are full of extravaganza and vibrant display of energy and suspense. These acts are typically new and never-seen-before like in Indian events. Hence, there is a novelty attached to these performances. With amazing traditional costumes and floral gowns, the stage is set to fire, involving people from all ages to be part of the moment. With a lot of experience in performing around the world, these dance troupes perform Russian dance like samba, carnival etc. and special choreographies based on Indian wedding requirements. They also perform on Bollywood dance numbers.

These troupes can even weave performance in sync with the situation, making it a seamless part of the entire theme wedding. If the organizing party desires to use these Russian dance troupes for performances or contemporary tracks, it is possible. They have the understanding of both traditional as well as modern approaches. They are so creative in their form that they imbibe different dance style and performed a nuanced on with highlights of original Russian dance style. We professionally manage all the arrangements and ensure that the live performances take place in a coordinated fashion at every occasion that you choose for this performance.

Stand-up Comedians

Wouldn't you love to make your guests laugh heartily and remember the wedding event for more than one reason? Of course you would. So if your guests are fun-loving and enjoy light banters, stand-up comedy act is an ideal choice for wedding event entertainment that will cheer the mood of people giving heavy emotions a break. As you may be aware, in a stand-up comedy act, a comedian performs in front of live audience with myriad presentations of situations that make people cry out with laughter. You can definitely bring about your element and add interesting punch by giving details about some particular guests who may be called on the guests to be part of the act. Also, the direct interaction with audience makes this act truly engrossing, involving one and all.

There are several choices you can look into like dialogue-based, monologue-based, humorous, jokes and sarcasm, and one-liners. You can bring on an element of magic trick and combine it with stand-up comedy. You can choose your kind of humor and accordingly the comedian will script the act.


An important part of a wedding event is to guide an entertainment session in a proper manner. To have a professional anchor in place will ensure the program remains well coordinated with undivided attention from audience. We arrange for anchors who are known for their precision approach in carrying the momentum of the event. They help break any inhibitions and make the atmosphere participative, involving the bride and groom, and all other key people around. Having an anchor allows for greater clarity for the entertainment show and imparts a professional approach.

Instrumental players

There are moments in a wedding where you need energy and emotions without stated words. In such moments, instrumental music can have a great impact on audience, accentuating the quality of the event by many times. Whether you want to play jazz or simply Indian classical…. different instruments leave different feeling in our hearts. You can have an evening dedicated to saxophone player or a violinist or harp player. Or, imagine a setting with jal-tarangor shehnaiplayers creating a symphony of delicate sound that is crystal clear to ears.

Instrumental players can really set up the mood for a moment. Their subtle change of tempo does the trick and gives energy to the setting. You can choose myriads of instruments like accordion, trumpet, clarinets, flute, soprano, piccolo, guitar, etc.


Many weddings go for a combination of a singer and an instrumental player. This is a great combination as both form a team presenting the best of them while not delimiting each other's importance. The synchronization of sound of both can be enjoyed by one and all. However, we can arrange best of singers to be part of your wedding celebrations. Professional singers from Bollywood and popular artistes can also be arranged for different wedding styles.

folk Artist

Apart from singers, folk performance artistes are extremely popular choices for entertainment at weddings. Folk artistes from different states can be arranged giving a nuanced theme wedding feel. Most popular form of Folk isRajasthani folkartistes and Punjabi Bhangra Troupe. They will add to the mood and fervor of the wedding, combining elements of celebrations that are traditionally followed in the state. Similarly, artistes from North-East add that distinguished regional charm making one feel to have been in that place/state where the bride and/or groom belong to. The rustic charm of the folk artistes is infectious and that's what we promise to deliver by arranging such pure performers in weddings irrespective of the region.

Welcome hostess

Giving a warm and lively welcome at the entry point adds an edge to an event. Professional welcome hostess can distinguish a wedding event you are organizing. The presence of a hostess adds an extremely formal approach to a wedding arrangement set-up, and also helps you give special attention to your incoming guests. This is a personalized form of service that makes the decorum pleasant and classy. The presence of smart hostess means that you want your guests to behave in a manner deemed appropriate and maintain a defined feel. We have smart and professional indian as well as Foreigner Welcome hostesses.


It is a specialized vocation. It is also an art form. Therefore, making people indulge into a variety of drinks in a bar with the additional feature of bartending will add spice to the event set-up. Remember the Tom Cruise film ‘Cocktail? The enthusiasm and chivalry of a bartender are noteworthy. Although not counted as a performer per se, bartending is a great stress booster in itself—even for the onlookers. If you want to see your guests enjoying the bar like never before, organize a bartending session and make it an ongoing affair at the bar in the party. W help you arrange the best bar that people will remember for a long time.

Magicians/Mind Readers/Illusionists

Magic and illusion shows are great attractions as a wedding event entertainment package. Theseshows are so dramatic that they engross guests from all age groups. The artistes present interesting tricks with attractive props. The stage is set in a manner that everyone becomes part of the acts. Thelighting arrangements make the show even more dramatic-full of suspense and surprises. Themagicians and illusionists interact greatly with the audience and build up the tempo by asking them toparticipate in acts. The artistes we arrange for are thorough professionals with extensive experience ofperforming in weddings for several years. On the other side of the spectrum are mind readers, which make for a great fun act. They read theminds of the people and make a great interaction show involving everyone.