Traditional Wedding Planning

A wedding is a ceremony that not only unites two souls but also two families involved. Therefore, wedding is so much more than celebrations, as there are several rituals and customs to be joyous about. Add a dash of two different communities i.e., different cultural backgrounds of a bride and a groom, the challenge becomes even more exciting and full of fun. sure is if you know how to manage it. Keeping in mind the sense of apprehensions and lack of knowledge / understanding about different cultures/customs people tend to face in such a scenario, we offer traditional wedding services whereby we ensure that you don't falter at any step.

The Global Weddings offers traditional wedding service addressing all the needs of a wedding from pre-nuptial customs to post marriage ceremonies. We can address the needs of Nikaah, Anand Karaj, Vivaah, Jain, Buddhist and Christian weddings apart from weddings in other communities. Within Hindu wedding ceremony, there is a stark difference in the way a wedding ceremony preparation is approached in a Maharashtrian wedding to that of a Punjabi or Bengali one. We have experts who understand the nuances of each that give each wedding style its own distinct charm, and we accordingly identify the planning needs. Venue, cuisine, traditional dress, etc., are special elements of a tradition wedding, which we take utmost importance to. In a traditional wedding, our focus is in the authentic aspects be it styling, music and dance for entertainment, décor and so on.