Bridal & Groom Services

The focus of a wedding is always on the bride and the groom the most. For them to look at their best, their needs are to be looked after well. We offer a host of services that will make the nuptial pair appear supreme .

Wedding Choreography— We have every range of choreographers who teach dance moves to the bride and groom and their relatives. We have choreographers in lower buget,medium budget and high profile choreographers who have even choreographed film award nights. We give you options according to your budgets.

Pre Wedding Shoots— Display the glow of happiness as the young pair narrates a story of their love, differently. Our experienced Photographers will help the Couple to create everlasting memories in the Bollywood Style…in the palace, royal gardens, cruise, mountains and so on.

Bride and Groom Entry— Make a statement of grandeur as the bride and the groom walk the aisle together or individually while entering the venue. Their entry should be awe-inspiring and charming, full of smiles and happiness. We have many new concepts of Bride and Groom entries which will enthrall your guests.

Jaimala Themes— Choose the way the jaimala theme should spread the infectious joy of a wedding to one and all present at the venue. We have Very new and unique concepts of jaimala themes. We have themes to suit every budget. Please contact us to know more.

Vintage Car Hire— Display the travel movement of a newly wedded couple in a royal style in a vintage car.

Make-up Artists— Great make-up highlights the best things and it is also applicable for all important people surrounding the bride and groom to be at their very best for the occasion. We have make up artists from low budgets to high budgets. We even have artists who does make up of famous celebrities.

Bridal Mehandi— To actuate the wedding occasion, mehandi is a must and bridal mehendi offers various options for every lady involved in the wedding to appear distinctly beautiful. Our artists are well versed in every kind and style of mehndi application. We also have many top notch mehndi artists on panel who does mehndi application in various celebrity and industrialist’s weddings.