Turnkey Services

Turnkey Services

It is important to understand for you that wedding planning is a tedious and cumbersome affair. However, there are a few things you may have some preference that can’t be explained. Hence, we ensure that you get to pick and choose your kind of services—either an elaborate one (Full Planning) comprising every bouquet of services we offer OR go about shopping those services (Partial Planning) that you are actually seeking help for.

Feel free to connect with us to discuss at length what you actually need. Make your life simpler.

How the planning communications roll…

A. The first step—consultation

This step involves the first formal discussion between us and couples/families. The latter approach us for professional expertise to plan a wedding ceremony. We ensure to remove the clout of complex event management by listing out tasks/jobs which give clarity to the entire event planning. As part of our business ethics, we help people understand various elements involved without having them make any financial commitment. As iterated earlier, feel free to reach us and gain directional guidance.

B. A defined action plan

Venue Consultation and Selection

Theme Selection

At this phase, we discuss minutest of details that you care for and identify which aspect we can take control of to relieve your nervous anticipation. We discuss about:

• Suggesting and arranging new and special concepts , if budget of client permits
• Wedding — time plan, layout, seating, entrance, décor options, activities, customized needs etc.
• Suggesting and arranging Variety of Bridal and groom services like bridal and groom entries, jai mala themes, make up artists etc. We have celebrity make up artists on board also,if the client requires.
• Itinerary for the wedding period — planning of various family get-together, bachelors’ party, etc.
• Assisting in sourcing gift items,welcome hampers and creating customized wedding stationery.
• Communications — e-mails, WhatsApp group and phone calls, etc., to be taken care
• Vendor management — selection and finalizing key details, like rates and payments, with vendors/suppliers for key events.
• F&B and entertainment — Without food, a celebration is always incomplete, and even guests associate their experience of an event based on their dining experience. We offer detailed consultation and planning to dive deep into food menu at wedding, from understanding menu design to presentation to the style to be showcased at the event.

Every aspect related to menu selection and delivery for different events, catering arrangements, rating to finalizing caterers, etc. We help you select the best bar with an assortment of drinks as per your requirement.

• POA deadlines — Preparing a ‘Plan of Action’, summarizing all the instructions to be followed, decisions to be made and identifying gaps over a defined period. This helps identify the role of each individual who would be navigating the course of the wedding, us as well as family members and friends.

C. Sort and synergize

Once a detailed action plan has been put into place, the next step is to establish coordination between the tasks listed out:

• Sort issues related to travel, hospitality, public relations, vendor management—done by a team member who coordinates with concerned for effective results as per POA outlined earlier

• Understand the responsibility of coordination on site (venue) and take care of the running around in arrangements, arranging sections for gifts, etc., in a defined place

• Keep an eye of the transit of guests—as per the itineraries discussed for your incoming guests from other parts of the country and abroad. There movements are tracked for their convenience arrival to the venue, lodging needs, etc.

• Constantly follow up with vendors for before time arrangement completion e.g., venue decoration, F&B, security, etc.

• Ensure a streamlined approach of all activities on the wedding day or for other related pre and post wedding ceremonies so that none misses the energy and vibrancy of a memorable wedding. Our team of experts keeps it simple—on time delivery of services promised—to help you enjoy the wedding to the maximum.

D. Delightful Hospitality

• Help you create a wedding website for easy invitation to guests, apart from personalized approaches, and build the buzz for the mega day

• Manage your guests by blocking rooms in hotels

• Maintain the dynamic website and details of guest reservations, response and collating details with each passing day

• Manage the Guest Book on the website, and send automated and customized response as per decisions taken after taking you in confidence

• Increase the level of communication through different digital means while progressing toward wedding

• Adhere to instructions as per your need for travel management i.e., ticketing, arrival/departure assistance, intra-city movements, ground support, etc

• Coordinate and manage menu, gift hampers and ‘Thanks’ cards for guests in hotel rooms

• Assist guests for their varied needs as per POA document

• Close the payments with vendors once the event is over.

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